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A project to train
100 Vishwakarma students for Indian Civil Services Exam 

History has proved that individuals can bring about large scale positive change in the world by seemingly insignificant acts.
Teaching less privileged children is one such powerful act which can go a long way in removing illiteracy and solving many other problems in the communities. Education and literacy are the keys to a good future of the community, yet much of our population remains illiterate. Everyone has a social responsibility to help eradicate illiteracy. Many of us want to utilize money for social development but probably don't have the motivation or enough time to reach the deserving needy people.
‘Each One; Teach One’ concept is about to remind our social responsibility to share our earnings with the less privileged section of our society.
It's your choice how you want to make a positive difference.
‘Each one; Teach one’ is all about teaching the financially backward and the needy bright students in our community to be placed in the Indian Civil Service, so that they have a comfortable life and hence can brighten the future of our community. We need to focus on the aspect of teaching such people and look at prospering their life as well the community status.
India has a population of over a billion. Unfortunately, half a century after independence, we, Vishwakarmas, still have the dubious distinction of having the most number of illiterate people. A community claims 15% of the population is away from the mainstream .Only when 100 per cent literacy is achieved we can hope to progress. And we need our people in the Indian Civil Services to promote our community. It's with this in view that the movement, "Each One Teach One” has been designed.

There is no doubt that quality education is a guarantee to quality of life and a secure future. When we talk about various plans, projects and schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, Mid-Day Meal and laws like the Right to Education Act to promote and ease the access to education, we actually aim for social development of our nation. But are we, the Vishwakarmas, actually dedicated to the cause of making education accessible to our needy children?

Most of the students from economically challenged backgrounds, where scarce attention is paid to education. We have bright students and rich people to support them.
We are aiming to place 100 bright students, in the Indian Civil Services ( IAS, IPS, IFS etc  ) Exam 2012 by providing training in association with Career Coaching College, the trend-setters since 1984.
The ‘Each One; Teach One’ programme fosters community development by conducting various activities and programmes for bright students like Civil Service Exam coaching, personality development, vocational guidance and providing the children with  nutritious snacks. Such positive intervention in the life of a child makes the child feels wanted and loved.
Financially sound people should shoulder the responsibility to sponsor each student in our community to help them reach Indian Civil Service as a part of community development.
India, since ever, has been divided into the privileged and the deprived. A ray of hope that could reduce this division is ‘education’. But unfortunately, the access to Indian Civil Service has not been easy for the deprived Vishwakarma.. The poor Vishwakarma kids are either left to work as child labourers or denied education due to lack of resources and awareness.
We invite financially sound people to come into action and take the initiative to bring hope to lives of millions of the deprived children of Vishwakarma and bring some fortune to their lives.

Apart form the plans initiated by our government or collaborative efforts made by some non-government organizations, the educated young people of our society can contribute by spreading awareness about the need for education and practicing simple phenomena like ‘Each One Teach One’. If teams of students from colleges decide to take up the challenge, not only they would spread awareness about the need for being educated, it would also be a motivation for others who are concerned and equipped but cannot work for the cause due to family constraints.

Apart from this, the young, educated and enthusiastic brains can also play a role in the strategies framed by the government for making education within the reach of every Vishwakarma child.

The success of the goal of ‘Each One; Teach One’ is possible only if the economically sound people become dedicated to the cause and commit themselves to make a difference towards this ‘real development’ of  Vishwakarma community.

Please support an underprivileged bright student to get IAS / IPS/ IFS today.
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*’Each One, Teach One’ is a known African Proverb.

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